October 12, 2023 @ 8:30 am – 12:30 pm
Virtual on Zoom
AI/$100 Non-AI/$115
Debra Miller

Sales Comparison Approach (4 hours): Submitted to NJ and NY State Board of Real Estate Appraisal Boards (PA is reciprocal with NJ)

This program focuses on understanding nuances of the subject being appraised and how its physical, legal and

locational aspects contribute to value. The focus concentrates on a direct comparison among properties. It

begins with a discussion of what is a suitable competitive property. Emphasis will be on the ten (10) elements

of comparison which are criteria for comparison. These criteria can be subdivided for a more detailed analysis.

There is also a recommended procedure when processing the elements in two basic categories. The

adjustment process seeks to simulate a typical buyer’s decision making process tempered by market patterns

and trends. The importance of the practitioner’s logic and rationale will be visited. There is also an overview

of various peer tested techniques to develop adjustments. Lastly, defining what is necessary to meet USPAP’s

minimum requirements and what is supporting documentation for opinions and conclusions will be discussed

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